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The Best Free Advice for All Divorce Litigants

Whether you retain Stern & Associates to represent you in your family law matter or not, you can take advantage of the advice that we give to all our family law clients:  “Don’t do anything stupid.”

This sounds basic and straight forward, but it is surprising how many people do not adhere to this common sense principle.  What all family law litigants need to remember is that if you are going through a contested divorce everything you say, do, write or post on social media can be used against you at trial and may end up in front of a judge.

If you send a text in anger that denigrates your spouse, that text is likely to be introduced at trial.  If you leave an irate voice mail message on your spouse’s phone, expect to hear your voice and message played back in front of the judge.  If you put your kids in the middle of your divorce, your actions may become a centerpiece of the custody litigation.  If you clean out your bank accounts and leave your spouse and children without access to money, the judge is going to know about it.

Going through a divorce can be an incredibly stressful and trying time for everyone involved and you should not complicate your case and compromise your standing in the eyes of the court by doing something stupid.  Before you take any action that you think might be questionable, always consider what the judge hearing your case would think of what you are doing.

Remember our advice, “Don’t do anything stupid.”


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