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Notable Cases and Client Reviews

Notable Cases

Important Notice:  Results obtained in cases vary and depend upon the facts specific to an individual case.  We cannot guarantee similar results in your case.

Husband Awarded Sole Custody After Wife Makes False Claims of Child Abuse

Stern & Associates represented a husband in a highly contested divorce and child custody case. After the husband was awarded emergency temporary custody of the child, the wife began filing unfounded allegations of child abuse against the husband.  Although the allegations had no merit, and were ultimately ruled out by Child Protective Services, the Department of Social Services was required to remove the child from the husband’s custody simply because of the number of complaints that the wife had filed against him.  Ultimately, following trial, the Court awarded the husband sole physical and legal custody of the minor child and the husband was given permission to relocate out of state with his child.

Mother Awarded Sole Custody and Allowed to Relocate to California

Stern & Associates represented a mother in a highly contested custody relocation case in which the mother sought to move to California with the minor children so that she could be closer to her family and for a better job opportunity. The husband opposed the relocation and did not want his children to move to California with his ex-wife.  At trial, the mother testified that she wanted to relocate to California so she could be close to her family who had a very special relationship with her children and that she had no family to support her in Maryland,   The mother also testified that that her ex-husband had prevented his own family from interacting with her and the children and he had not always acted in the children’s best interest.  The mother also testified that although she did not have a job in California at the time of trial, she had applied for positions and was confident that she would be able to get a job there.  Following a multi-day trial, the Court awarded the mother sole physical custody of the children and allowed her to relocate to California.

Annulment of Marriage Denied

Stern & Associates represented a husband in a case in which the wife sought to have their marriage annulled. The wife claimed that she and her husband had never consummated the marriage, despite having been married for several years.  The wife alleged that her husband only married her for immigration purposes.  The husband vigorously disputed the wife’s allegations.  Although he would consent to a divorce, the husband would not consent to an annulment since that could jeopardize his immigration status.  The wife wanted an annulment rather than a divorce for religious and cultural reasons.  During the trial, the husband was able to admit into evidence an audio-tape recording of the wife admitting that the parties had engaged in sexual relations, a disclosure that undercut her legal basis for the annulment.  Immediately after this evidence was received by the court, the wife dismissed the annulment claim and the parties consented to entry of a judgment of absolute divorce.

Husband Loses Effort to Terminate Alimony Following “Faux Marriage” by Ex-Wife

 Stern & Associates represented a husband in his effort to terminate his alimony payments to his ex-wife following her participation in a religious ritual that the husband believed was akin to a marriage ceremony. The husband had agreed to pay his ex-wife alimony that would terminate upon her remarriage.  Instead of remarrying, the wife engaged in a marriage-type ceremony that was supervised by her clergy.  The ex-wife denied that the ceremony was a marriage and no marriage license was obtained by her following this ceremony.   The Maryland Court of Special Appeals ultimately held that since no marriage license was obtained by the ex-wife the alimony payments were not terminated.

Client Reviews

Professional and thorough

Bruce was excellent. He explained all the aspects of the case and my options. Gave great advice and always kept my best interests (and those of my child’s) in mind. Always punctual and prepared. Kept me informed of any changes in the case or interactions with the defendant’s lawyer.

– Posted by Ken on Sep 6, 2013 (5 star review)

Good guy to have in your corner

Bruce has helped me with home closings, refinancing, and several other issues where legal advice was needed. In every instance he and his staff were responsive, accurate, and walked me though what I needed in a clear and understandable manner. Has never steered me wrong.

– Posted by Rich on Sep 17, 2013 (5 star review)


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