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Maryland Law Firm Provides Comprehensive Divorce Assistance

Experienced attorney assists spouses in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Divorce is never easy, but at Stern & Associates in Rockville, we provide a personal focus that enables divorcing spouses to navigate a difficult process and move forward positively. Attorney Bruce Stern has more than a quarter century of experience providing skillful representation and exceptional service to clients in Maryland and the D.C. metro area. Throughout the region, we have earned a reputation for achieving strong results in all types of divorce-related matters, including alimony, property division and custody disputes.

Responsive lawyer guides clients through the marriage dissolution process

Maryland refers to the termination of a marriage as an “absolute divorce.” This is distinguished from the state’s “limited divorce,” which most people refer to as legal separation. Our firm advises clients on the options that work best for them as well other legal issues, including:

  • Grounds — Under Maryland law, spouses have the choice to file for divorce on a no-fault basis or by alleging traditional fault grounds, such as adultery or desertion. No-fault dissolution can be obtained by demonstrating mutual consent or a one-year separation. We can explain the relative advantages and disadvantages of each type of claim.
  • Alimony — If one party cannot meet their financial needs after a breakup, relief provided by one spouse to the other may be available while the divorce is pending and after the marriage is dissolved. In most cases, courts order alimony to give an ex-spouse the ability to support themselves. Indefinite alimony is usually reserved for individuals who cannot earn a suitable living due to age, poor health, or a disability.
  • Annulment — Annulling a marriage puts spouses in the legal position of never having been married. This is not available in cases where the parties have merely changed their minds a short time after the wedding. To receive an annulment, the marriage must be judged to have been invalid from the start for a reason such as fraud, coercion or incapacity.

In a free initial consultation, we review your specific goals and advise you about how these and other laws apply to your case.

Skilled advocate handles child custody, visitation and support matters

Addressing the needs of their children should be the top priority for divorcing parents. That’s why in every state, decisions on legal and physical custody are based on what the court determines to be in the child’s best interests. We work hard to resolve these matters by reaching an agreement among parents, but we are prepared to argue in court to secure an arrangement that enables children to thrive in each area of their lives. Our firm drafts and negotiates comprehensive visitation plans so that even parents without physical custody can maintain strong bonds with their sons and daughters. We also represent parents in disputes over child support.

Dedicated counselor helps clients pursue fair division of marital property

Conflicts over the allocation of marital assets and debts can be costly without the proper representation. Our firm works diligently to reach an appropriate resolution either through consensus or in court. Both Maryland and the District of Columbia are equitable distribution jurisdictions. This means that judges divide the marital estate based on what they believe is fair, though not necessarily an equal split. We prepare a thorough case to maximize the likelihood of an appropriate result in the division of marital property.

Contact a knowledgeable Maryland divorce attorney for a free initial consultation

Stern & Associates assists clients throughout Maryland and the Washington, D.C., metro area with divorce litigation and other family law concerns. Please call 301-637-8574 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Rockville office.


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